Monday, April 11, 2011

Viernes de Tinieblas

Down Calle Real, accompanied by our fathers and their fathers before them, clad in formal suits and classic barongs, rode the baroque carroza of the familia Carpena's ancient Señor, illuminating the skies of this Viernes de Tinieblas with its brilliant lights, summarizing like an eternal symbol not only the climax of our noblest Holy Week traditions, but all the feelings one had for Cabuyao, and all our memories of it, and all of our affections.

~ Cordero de Dios, ten piedad de nosotros!

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    • Cabuyao - Stories, Anecdotes and Remniscences The photograph above is courtesy of the Flickr photo collection of Mr. WILSON CARPENA ALBA. Our sincerest thanks for his generosity in sharing this photograph with all of us.
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    • Wilson Alba Thanks Tito Rick!
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    • Wency Hernandez it's a tradition for the cabuyenos to be in procession on holy thursday and black friday. i personally joined the procession and stay on the side and watched with prayers this barroque carroza with everlasting perfumed smell of our national flower sampaguita.. i made this comment because one of our kababayans said that the carpenas don't decorate this carroza with sampaguita leis.. true or not, please enlighten me.
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    • Cris Galang thanks for the very informative postings on Cabuyao SA&R. the writing style is so fluid one would think these were written by nick joaquin. my compliments to the writer.
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    • Cabuyao - Stories, Anecdotes and Remniscences
      It is interesting to note that the use of sampaguita leis and garlands is in itself a tradition within a tradition - and one simply cannot recall those Good Friday processions of the Santo Entierro from long ago without remembering the strong fragrance of sampaguitas as the "calandra" (the glass encased carroza) of the Señor passed by. You are not the first person to recall this, Wency. Other old timers are equally quick to point out this distinct feature of our Santo Entierro processions from way back - vivid memories of the Señor and sampaguitas.See More

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    • Cabuyao - Stories, Anecdotes and Remniscences
      With the disappearance however of many of the sampaguita gardens all around, especially in San Pedro, Laguna which was a town once made famous for the abundance of its sampaguita plantations, the national flower has just gone in short supply. And with that necessarily came the intervening climb in prices. Inspite of this, however, the Carpenas have always ensured that at least the inner glass enclosure of the Señor's calandra is lined with sampaguita leis. This is not only for practical economy's sake, but also for the purpose of protecting the old carroza from potential damage that it may suffer (and that it has in fact suffered) at the hands of that unruly crowd who recklessly grab at the calandra's flowers after each Good Friday procession.See More

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    • Cabuyao - Stories, Anecdotes and Remniscences ‎@ Cris Galang: Cabuyao SA&R is grateful.
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